Thursday, February 23, 2006

Risking my manliness.

I'm taking some significant personal risk with this post, and have an admission to make: I'm excited to watch the Olympics Ladies Free Skate this evening. Of course, who doesn't like watching beautiful women in, um, leotards perform insane feats of athleticism? But I was especially taken by Sasha Cohen's short program the other night. This photo says it all about her style and determination, like "I'm going to KILL the competition." And she did. (Ok, "kill" is probably not accurate: she's .03 points ahead of he nearest competitor.) She is tough, spunky, and whether you like figure skating or not, she's a thrill to watch. Tune in tonight at 7pm CT on NBC to watch the event.

And before I risk losing any more of what little manliness I have left after that post, let me just say a quick word about a new beer I tried (beer and figure skating...who woulda thought you'd ever hear those two words together?). LogJam Microbrewery out of Tomahawk, WI, has a number of great beers (I couldn't find a website for them; I called the Tomahawk Chamber of Commerce and they thought that they've been bought out--anyone have a clue?). I just tried the Swede Saw Red Ale (there are those reds again!). Deep amber color, and a sweet caramel scent upon the pour, which was a little flat. It didn't have much carbonation at all, and I think if it had been creamier it would have been better. Still, an easy drink, and more importantly, my wife liked it; whenever I can find one that we both like it automatically gets put into heavy rotation in our house.


Jane said...

mannliness schmannliness

Simon Peter said...

There's nothing unmanly about watching figure skating. It's one of the best-kept-secrets around among red-blooded males, although the babe factor has been better in recent years, Sasha notwithstanding.

Now, men's figure skating -- you don't have to be a homophobe to find that kinda weird. I am strangely drawn to the flaming Johnny Weir, however.

Eric said...

Oh I know most guys will watch women's skating with no shame, but to blog about it?!