Friday, March 17, 2006

Another Friday, another St. Patty's Day

Another much-needed weekend is upon me, and how fitting that it starts with some light socializing this evening. What will you be drinking? Take my poll located at the end of this earlier post. I've loaded up (I'll be loaded up?) on Beamish and Guinness. If you're in St. Paul tonight and looking for somewhere to celebrate St. Patty's Day, swing by 555 Selby Avenue, the legendary St. Paul location of many democratic fundraisers, holiday parties and general merriment. They'll likely have some crappy beer on tap, but also a selection of fine stouts and other appropriate drinks.

My effort to bike to work year round came to a halt once the legislative session started and I needed to wear a suit everyday. Bringing my entire wardrobe to the Capitol seemed unrealistic. However, the two feet of snow the Twin Cities got this week proved too tempting to me, and I took the opportunity of a slow(er) Friday to bust out my bike. Locking my bike to the rack was a bit of a challenge.

It is indeed my intentions to get some new CD reviews up for you this weekend, especially of Neko Case's new album, which exceeded my already-high expectations. Also, some specific beer reviews are in order, but I wanted to wait to see what this evening brought. Stay tuned...

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