Sunday, March 12, 2006

Love and Trust

Please give up your most beloved thing in the world for five hours a week to someone who you don't really know. Would you make sure they had experience and professional training necessary to handle this item? Should they receive continual education so they can learn about the latest research and materials about caring for this substance, this safekeep which you have personally invested most of your time and love into ensuring has the best environment in which to exist?

Dylan, our oldest son, started pre-school this past week. He's been ready for some time (one of the first words he spelled--no joke--was school), gobbling up Susan Boyton books and Petit Ours Brun. I suppose every parent thinks their kids are the smartest, but ours are. Seriously. So while it's just a few hours once a week, he's yearning to learn. It's exciting and scary, but I do trust his provider. They have a great reputation for providing high quality learning opportunities for our youngins. After his first day he came home with worksheets showing he was able to color the set of objects which had seven. Like I said, exciting and scary. He's three and a half.

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