Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The People's Business

Spring has seemingly arrived in Minnesota, bringing with it plenty of rain and the half-way point of the legislative session. On Tuesday of this week the Senate Judiciary Committee heard the proposal to define marriage as one man and one woman, because God knows, that's The Most Important Issue Facing Us. It's great to see so many people committing so much time and resources to solving a problem that doesn't really exist. The irony was not lost on people that before, during and immediately following this hearing, the Higher Education, Early Childhood, Crime Prevention and Transportation Committees were putting together their omnibus policy and funding packages. I wish we had to have security and overflow seating for these hearings. Not surprisingly, the DFL-controlled committee voted down the proposal.

More interestingly though, was that the step-sister of the bill's author, Michele Bachmann, chose the hearing to come out of the closet. I'd love to be at those family gatherings. You go girl!


Miri said...

Here is my beef. If states feel the need to define marriage as a man/woman union and some are moving to ban same sex marriages, then it would lead me to believe that it's currently legal, right? Until everyone effectively defines/bans something, that implies that it's ok now.

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lloydletta said...

Thanks for the link to Dump Bachmann. Congratulations for getting mentioned on the Bloghouse.