Friday, May 05, 2006

A great day for Democrats

What's this I hear? Another major player in the Bush admin is resigning? But this time, it may involve a wee bit more than jumping ship or cleaning house...the words "bribe" and "prostitutes" and "Watergate II" are circling throughout the blog world over the recent resignation of CIA director of Porter Goss. Sure, much of it involves speculation and taking leaps, but they're not hard to do.

Instead of trying to connect the dots for you, which I have little time to do, with kids and work and drinking beer, I'll just link you to Obsidian Wings, who clearly has better sources and time than I do. It's a massive, but fun, web to work your way through. Good luck!

(If you don't trust the blog-o-sphere, check out this revealing article from Harpers Magazine.
And I just found this good one from The Nation.)

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