Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Change is a-comin'

With the increase in traffic to Capitol Brew-haha yesterday, I've been doing some things to the public image of the site which I've been meaning to do for awhile. Mainly small tweaks in things like font size, adding and deleting some code, and individualizing the site with some images, but potentially acquiring some new drinking partners to add their $0.02 on beer and politics (but hopefully not on my life).

So pour a cold one and enjoy!


blankout7 said...

Not sure if the change has already come and gone yet, but currently your blog does not display correctly on Firefox 1.5 as of 345pm July 19th. :(.

And don't tell me to switch to Opera or IE. I'm a browser snob an intend to stay that way.

Otherwise, congrats on the increased traffic!

saintpaulcave dweller said...

Well let me say that I think you are wasting your life!

Eric said...

what the hell is firefox?

no just that a function of, or can i change it?