Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nobody beats the biz

Um, ok, waaaay off topic here, but didcha hear the news? Biz Markie is playing a show tonight at the Dinkytowner...FOR FREE. I suppose I could go to Drinking Liberally tonight at the 311 Club, but c'mon, connecting with fellow lefties to talk politics, or witnessing a fore father of hip-hop make a fool of himself? As intrigiuing as rehashing the sex-capades of Sen. Coleman's father is, I think I'll be at the Dinkytowner.

The DJ/MC/human beatbox who brought you such hits as "Just a Friend," "Vapors," and of course who could forget "Pickin Boogers," is back from the underground. The Biz has reclaimed some fame via appearances on several Beasties Boys albums and on the acclaimed Prince Paul-Dan the Automator side project, Handsome Boy Modeling School.

Show starts at 9 p.m., but you better get there early. Did I mention IT'S FREE? (And if it does sell out, check out Keston and Westdal, a great jazz infused electronic duo, at the Kitty Cat Klub just down the street. Also free.)


Dana said...

So, how was the concert? :)

Eric said...

let me just say that my friends suck, and no one wanted to go see the show with me