Thursday, July 06, 2006

One for the Family

As some of you know, I have extended family overseas. From time to time, I post pics of my incredibly gorgeous boys for them to see. If you came to read about beer or politics, just scroll down to read the latest, or wait a couple days for us to resume regular programming. Or, you can just enjoy these photos like the rest of us.....

Dylan doesn't always share so well with Adrian.

A nice blankie solves most of the days' problems.

With Dylan's help, we finished the job five minutes ahead of schedule! Shout out to WW for use of the truck.

The first Saints game in 10 years I've been too that we've won. I need to bring the boys to more of 'em. Thanks D for the tix.


A natural.

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Serah said...

It's true. They are extremely gorgeous.