Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Steve Kelley for AG

For once you heard it here first, or at least second*....Steve Kelley is filing for attorney general.

Update: David Lillehaug has thrown his support to Kelley (source: MN Publius), and Bill Luther is also going to file, which means Mike Freeman is out (source: Centristy).

*MN Publius posted the news a couple minutes before me, but we both had our separate sources. I posted the news before seeing Publius' post. They're good guys and work hard for their sources, and I would never take credit for their scoops.

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Anonymous said...

SlyDi sez:

Perhaps Steve Kelley is going to file for... governor!

With Mike Hatch not putting up much of a campaign, perhaps Steve Kelley has decided to jump back into the governor's race.