Monday, October 23, 2006

Listen to some music, then doorknock your ass off

So where were you the morning of October 25th, 2002 when you heard the news? First you heard about Paul, then Sheila, then Marcia, then "campaign workers," then Mary McEvoy, then Tom Lapic and Will McLaughlin, then the pilots. I believe my mom called and told me, but frankly it's all kind of a blur. Dylan was born 10 days earlier, and I was intimately involved in the DFL State Senate races. My grandparents were coming over to visit that afternoon, and I was trying to take in the deaths of three of the most influential people in my political formation, Paul, Sheila and Mary. But I held it together and doorknocked my ass off. Ironically, it took Joe Soucharay's touching column (seriously) about Paul a few days later for me to be able release the floodgates. Like most of my friends, the next 13 days were some of the most sad and bizarre and exciting ever.

And this Wednesday is the 4th annual Wellstone World Music Day. If you're able, go check out some live music. Or have some friends over to play music. Or at least put on your favorite CD and remember.

Then go doorknock your ass off.

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