Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Amazed and defused

Customer service is not something you get a chance to see direct from microbreweries, especially ones that are expanding the definition of "micro." I mean, how often to you have to deal with the actual brewing company? Well one my favorite breweries, Boulder Beer Company, brewers of Hazed and Infused, Mojo IPA and Singletrack Ale, let some serious bacteria get into one of their fermenters or something. I had this Hazed and Infused at two different parties, and it was FOUL.

So I contacted Boulder, and they contacted my buddy who bought it, and they were real serious about correcting the problem. Of course they reimbursed him, but I was more pretty impressed with their commitment to selling a good product. Cheers, guys!

Cheers also to St. Paul Cave Dweller for alerting me that The Muddy Pig will be tapping a keg of cask Summit IPA at 6 pm this Wednesday. That's tomorrow. At The Muddy Pig. 6pm. Summit IPA on cask. Maybe you should go.


Ann said...

I know where you'll be tonight, and I don't think it's going to be at the Muddy Pig. FYI, the House debated the Public Safety bill until 5:30 am. The E-12 bill doesn't get started until 1 pm. You do the math.

Joe said...

if you didn't have all that work to do, you could come to Scottsdale, AZ "No Crap on Tap" www.papagobrewing.com I love this bar, anyway thats where all you COE brethren can find me. Cheers Joe

Eric said...

I'm there next time I come to AZ...when are you coming to MN?