Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Oh boy was I in heaven tonight. Mad props to Valerie for picking up a six pack of--are you ready?--New Belgium Tripple and Stone Levitation on her trip to Colorado. New Belgium Tripple and Stone Levitation.You probably know New Belgium as the brewers of Fat Tire, one of the most overrated beers ever. If you want to see what this Colorado brewery is all about, check out anything else by them. Perfect Belgium ales, and the Tripple is no exception. Come east!

You probably don't know Stone. From California and yet to hit Minneosta or Wisconsin, they're all about extreme. Even Levitation at a mere 4.4% still wallops a mighty hop punch, like a Surly Furious, except you could actually have 3 or 4 in a sitting. Great session beer.
I'll savor these brews for awhile. Or try anyway.


Anonymous said...

No way, Fat Tire rules!

sarah said...

Some people like Fat Tire some don't....its all about the individual! I have had the pleasure to have visit a many times the Stone Brewery in SoCal and lucky enough to have been to and toured New Belgium Brewing Company once every year since I got hooked on NBB back in 1998!! Twice this year!! Not only great brews but also very environmental! I remember before Cali had any of NBB brews, I lived in Colorado and loaded my truck with all their beers...people in Cali were like"what is this" or "I have heard of this but never tried it". And I use to live out east and now out west....really miss Magic Hat!! You should see all the fun bottle cap magnets I have on my fridge...with the fun sayings!! LOL Cheers to good brews and people who appreciate them Peace!