Thursday, May 31, 2007

Go East Young Man

Driving to my parents' cabin has taken on a whole new meaning. One has to arrive at Highway 63 in Wisconsin, near Turtle Lake. You can take 94 east to 35E north and cross over to Wisconsin via 8 to pick up 63, but why would you? It's much easier to zip east on 94 to 63, giving you the opportunity to stop at Chicone's Liquor Mart.

Chicone's (who's web site is still under construction) is the beer mecca for Minnesotans. They've realized that Minnesota's liquor laws prevent many wonderful brews from making it to the state, thus forcing beer geeks like myself to make the trip to Hudson once in awhile. Thankfully, I have my parents' cabin on the way.

Difficult doesn't capture the struggle of trying to pick out two six packs. Three Floyds, Hair of the Dog, Anderson Valley and Lagunitas are a few of the more well known breweries represented at Chicone's, but you can also find many quality Wisconsin beers you've never heard of. I ended up getting some Smuttynose IPA and Lagunita's Copper Ale, and a bomber of Anderson Valley Abbey Style Ale.

All were amazing, made more so by the fact that you can't find them in Minnesota.

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