Sunday, May 13, 2007

One trial ends, another begins.

One week left of this legislative session. Some words to describe it thus far:
  • Intense
  • Engaged
  • Tedious
  • Shattered
  • Exhilarating
  • Betrayal
  • and of course, Rewarding

One week from now, I imagine I'll be brain-dead, sleep-deprived, wasted and most of all, relieved. We came in looking for $300 million in the upcoming biennium for early care and education, and will likely walk out with $40 - $80 million. It ain't nothing, but it's nothing.

So I planted my garden this weekend and got the yard in tip-top shape for the arrival of spring, as well as the arrival of my brother- and mother-in-law in a week for almost 3 weeks. 3 weeks. We finished half of our basement this past autumn, adding a bathroom and a legal bedroom, and this will be the first time its to be used in the manner for which it was prescribed. I'm honored to offer up the new comforts for my in-laws, not to mention the alleviated stress the addition will bring me.

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Flo said...

2 weeks, they will be here for 2 weeks - I have to correct your post because so it will go by very fast this time...