Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Resources

The Twin Cities has a new beer rag on newsstands--mmmm, rag of beer--but who ever buys a magazine from a news stand in Minnesota? Maybe Chicago or New York, but Minnesota?! So its great that Twin Cities Imbiber is free!

Dedicated to the beer and coffee industry in the Twin Cities, TC Imbiber will be available soon around town. The first issue features a nice write-up of Flat Earth Brewing, and a comprehenize summary of Maibocks on the TC market. Future issues may include pieces by me. Pick it up at your local pub, liquor or cafe.

For my loving wife, I brewed a mild ale last week. It will be a nutty, mellow brew at about 3.5% abv. I also helped TonyVav bottle his first homebrew, a hefewiezen with nice undertones of banana and cloves. TV is investigating all-grain brewing, and generally reducing the cost of homebrewing by growing his own ingrediants and buying bulk. This has long been my goal in homebrewing, and I'm looking forward to learning more about the science and specificity behind this ancient art.


Flo, the loving wife said...

I guess I'd better like this new batch...In any case I am honored that you'd make a beer that I could enjoy, considering our (often) different tastes in beer!

Anonymous said...

Hey, all-grain does not have to be as intimidating or as expensive as you might think. I know I was pretty intimidated to get into it, but about $100 later, here I am. I've been brewing AG for 2 years and I have to say, my beers are even better than before (and they were great before).
You can see a write up I did about simple all grain brewing (as well as assembling the equipment) here: