Friday, August 31, 2007

La Fin

We wrapped up our trip with three days in Avignon, best known for the Palais de Papes, occupied by the pope when Avignon was in Roman hands during the 12th century. Avignon is also the capitol of the Cotes du Rhone region de vin, home of some of my favorite wines, consisting of syrah and grenache grapes, and sometimes other varieties like mouvedre or carignon.

We had a nice one at a wonderful restaurant one night with a four course meal. I had hazelnut rabbit pate with carmelized onions followed by pork cutlets in a mango sauce, followed by fresh cow cheese and completed with a flourless chocolate cake drizzled with a coffee cocoa reduction. All for only 25 euros. Remind me why I live in the US?

Right now we're on our way to Paris, where we have a 15 hour journey--9 of which wll be in the air--ahead of us. The kids have been great, aside from their to-be-expected unpleasantness at being woken up at 6am this morning.

See you soon!


Flo said...

Well, we made it but it was a LONG and tiring trip home (try to keep a 2 year old in a seat for hours...) Final thought: Adrian amazed everyone with his desire to try absolutely every food and drinks he was offered while Eric's french is truly improving - keep it up both of you!

saintpaulcave dweller said...

I think they have a special word for cow cheese. I think it is called CHEESE.

Good to have you back, I have been drinking alone for too long.

Gotta go to the WILCO show.