Sunday, August 12, 2007

Les premier jours

Stage one of our trip is complete and we're headed south now for the beautiful island of Porquerolles.

Our stays at my wife's aunt and uncle's are always filled with amazing meals (as is most of the trip) and unique wine. We had a great 2001 Aix en Provence Chateau Beauferan, and an equally impressive Nuits Saint Georges premier cru from 1993. If I was as well versed in the nuances of wine as I am in beer, I could tell you about the undertones of coffee and plum, but I'm not. I can only tell you that I enjoyed them immensely.

I also picked up some beer from the region, which is located outside of Paris near the town of Fontainebleau. It was a dark ale, that actually did have undertones of coffee. It was a perfect fall beer, perfect considering the weather was a bit chilly for August. I can't say I was as impressed with the beer I got from Brittany, but then France is known for its wine, and it must be difficult competing with Belgium.

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