Monday, August 06, 2007

Stone is ruining my life

On a recent trip through Colorado, my friend Valerie calls me. "Hey, we're on our way out of Colorado. Should I pick you up some beer?"

Um, hell yeah!

So I just finished my second Stone Ruination IPA, one of the great--if not the best--West Coast IPAs. Despite over 100 IBUs and approaching 8% abv with the alcohol and hops slamming into you at first, it totally balances out caramel? Centennial hops maybe? Whatever. It was good. Even though it supposedly ruins your palate (get it? Ruination IPA?), I thought it was an extremely smooth and drinkable double IPA, at the same time pushing the edge of smooth and drinkable. Very nice.

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mac said...

Eric, it was great to meet you as well at the Surly Open. I've had the...pleasure?...of having a Ruination when I was in Phoenix. Aptly named. I was okay for a couple of sips, but couldn't deal with it much after that. I guess I must be a beer light weight. Mag