Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oktober is...

Autumn has certainly arrived in Minnesota. Evening temps are in the 40s and 50s, sunlight is disappearing, and Oktoberfest beers are filling the shelves. I'm biased towards ales year-round, but I like to sample the local Oktoberfest lagers every year, among them Summit, Schells and Surly. Both Summit and Schells offer up good examples of what an Oktoberfest should taste like, and this year is no exception. Summit did an especially solid job, and I may just pick up a 6er of it. On to Surly.

By far one of my favorite breweries these day, Surly never disappoints. SurlyFest is deeeee-licious. Imagine a typical Oktoberfest, but loaded up with hops. Not to mention their cans are beautiful. I wish all their beers were available year round.

Well the poll results are in for what people want to see at Capitol Brewhaha: 8 voted for more beer, 8 for more about my life, 2 for more politics and 1 for more of the same. I remember from my college stats class that N has to equal at least 30 for any poll to be valid, and since N=19 here, I will ignore the findings and write about what ever I want.


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KJ said...

Just got a chance to try the Surly Fest myself...fantastic! I'm a big fan!