Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rushin' ahead

Rush River, one of my favorite local--if you consider western Wisconsin local--beers, began selling their Unforgiven Amber and Bubblejack IPA in bottles this week. I had one of each tonight, and they totally stand up, and may even be better, in the bottles. Both have an, um, noticeable hop presence that may offend the timid drinker, but RR uses the hops wisely. Of course I always forget how much I love Rush River each time I order it, and I'm glad it's available at the liquor store now.

I do wish the bottles listed the IBUs or ABV, at least with the IPA, but it isn't like I'd stop buying the stuff if it didn't.
Welcome to the off-sale market, Rush River!

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Flo said...

When you brought the bottles home I was not too impressed with the labels, reminding me of Coke and other soda bottles. But I agree that as a marketing ploy, they would stand out among the other brands. I haven't tried them but based on your description I will not like them so more for you...