Monday, June 30, 2008

The Bros are back--both of em

Back when I first really got into beer, some 10 years ago, Two Brothers Brewing Co. was one of my favorite. Their Bitter End Pale Ale was top notch (so much so that I stole the name for a bitter I brewed for a friend), as was their Weiss. Unfortunately, their Minnesota distributor went out of business, and took with them the Bros, along with many other breweries: Lagunitas, Anderson Valley, Three Floyds, to name a few.

But slowly, some of them are making their comeback. Two Brothers are here, and some of their formerly unavailable beers are also here. I would suggest the Cane and Ebel Rye IPA, which is a hop bomb coming in at 7% abv. It kinda has some of the same characteristics as Bell's Two Hearted, but something different, something a little, rye-ey. The $12/4 pack is a little steep, but isn't totally outta line in this hop-starved market.
Southern Tier is also a great new brewery in town, producing mainly imperial, or strong, beers. An imperial pale ale, an imperial red, an imperial wheat, an imperial saison, an imper--you get the idea. They're all great, and a great beer for sharing.
Lots of good beers are arriving in Minnesota. Check 'em out.


Anonymous said...

I noticed Two Brothers were being distributed in Minnesota when I was at Buster's last week. I think they have two of their beers in bottles. Bitter End and ?

Eric said...

There's quite a few of their line-up in liquor stores. I've seen the Bitter End, Ebel Weiss, Domaine DuPage and Cane and Ebel. I imagine we'll see mroe of their seasonal releases here, since Cane is just that. Their artisan beer selections look pretty intriguing as well.

Mag said...

Good to hear. I like Two Brothers, despite the brewery tour snub we got from them.

mnbeerdrinker said...

I was drinking TB's Dog Days Dortmunder this past weekend. Got it at the Four Firkins.

saintpaulcave dweller said...

You can get the Cane and Ebel at the Muddy Pig. Somehow a six dollar pint seems more reasonable then a $12 four pack.