Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick update and the Sage

Ah geez, has it been a month since my last post? Well it's been a kinda slow month. I finished off a batch of hefeweizen--it was good, but not quite what I wanted. I welcomed the return of Surly CynicAle, a great take on a saison. And I'm planning my next batch of beer, an IPA I think.
Oh, and I got in a round of disc golf at the Surly Open. Darren and I joined Mag and Kris and Scott and Kat for a grueling 18 holes at Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area. Yes, ski area, so lots of hills. But the beer was flowing, and it was a good chance to get to know our partners better.


You may remember a few years ago, I invited a friend of mine to post regularly at Capitol Brewhaha. That didn't last long. But I'm going to try again, especially given my lack of posts, and especially given my lack of political posts.

Without further ado, St. Paul Sage:

Hi everybody, I'll be guest blogging because I'm a political junkie and Eric has ...well...perhaps lost sight of the capitol as he looks through his amber waves of brew. I met Eric at post-session party and was impressed by his knowledge of beer and politics. I also got him so drunk that he agreed to allow me to guest-blog. I'm also writing because I'm a very good writer and I know a ton of shit that you don't. And mostly because Eric is letting me and I'm too lazy to write my own blog. I will never reveal my name (and neither will Eric) because I may occasionally say things that could be construed as mean about people who I like or admire.


St. Paul Sage

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