Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beer Week

What a week! Let's see, just a quick run down:
  • Wednesday, I brewed with DT for the first time, whipping out a clone of Summit Winter, which is just hitting shelves here in MN. It was super-thick, and should be fermenting fine. On the way home from his place, I swung by the Muddy Pig for the Lagunitas kick off party. Still crowded and got a glass of the Gnarley Wine. Yummy.

  • Friday I brewed a batch of my standard India Brown Ale. Then that evening, at the last minute, I was invited by a friend to Stub and Herbs for the Darkness Eve party, a gathering of beer geeks from around the country who were in town for the release of Surly Darkness the following day. Don brought along some beers to trade, and we ended up drinking with some blokes from Ohio. They cracked open bottles of 07 and 08 Dark Lord from Three Floyds. 07 was incredible, 08 will be in a few years.

  • Saturday culminated in the afore-mentioned Darkness Day. I volunteered to work the event, so didn't have to worry about getting there early to get any bottles (the first 700 people had a chance to buy up to 6 bottles at $16.66 a piece). I dropped $100 and got my bottles, plus a few extra at the end of the event for friends who couldn't attend. Merry Christmas!

Here are some photos from Don's lot, which looks very similar to mine. Love that label!


Mag said...

For your safety, Eric, I recommend you remove all pictures and references to Darkness. Otherwise you're likely to get robbed.

It was good seeing you on Sat. Too bad we didn't get a chance to chat more. Next time.

Eric said...

Oh I don't have them here. Cmon, think I'm an amateur? I gave them to a friend and he hid them; not even I know where they are. Funny tho, he hasn't returned my call in a couple days.

amm002 said...

Have you tried this year's vintage yet? My bottles are still taunting me from the beer room.

amm002 said...

Eric, curious on your Summit Winter clone recipe...I have a version that I'm planning to brew this weekend but would be interested in seeing yours to compare. Shoot me an email at