Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Exit Stage Right

Is the White House clearing out in an effort to save face for Republicans going into the midterm elections? Or, as is more likely the case, is the president's staff trying to save face so they can find jobs in the future? Former Chief of Staff Andrew Card left a couple weeks ago, Press Secretary Scott McLellan resigned today, and Karl Rove is scaling back his duties. Not that anyone can blame them; when the ship is sinking, you best jump. I'm surprised Rove isn't leaving altogether. There are bigger smear campaigns to be run, other lives to destroy, more lies to be spread--and a lot of money to be made doing it. One good thing can be said about Karl: he is committed.

It's a little bitter-sweet actually to see the Bush administration scrambling to improve their standing in the eyes of the world. There would be something to be said for having Bush on the ballot one more time, just to be able to resoundly and convincingly beat him. Then again, who really thought Bush would win in '04?

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