Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thank you Summit Brewing!

Big news for beer drinkers in Minnesota: Summit Brewing has announced plans for two more limited release beers. This comes on the heels of their fantastic oatmeal stout and their solid amber ale.

The first, Scandia, comes out April 20, and "is a Scandanavian interpretation of a famous Belgian ale." With Blue Moon turning lots of folks onto the rich, spicey brews from the small country northeast of France, I imagine this will be a hit. I like Belgian ales in small doses, so won't likely be drinking lots of this, but am excited nonetheless. (Also, I just learned that Blue Moon is brewed by Coors. Damnit. Guess I'm not drinking it anymore. This is why.)

The second is an ESB. Oh my God. It's about time. Summit's website doesn't have any details, only that it will be available "summer of 2006." No matter, its an ESB; dedicated readers know of my love for the Bitters. Unfortunately, Summit never (or rarely) bottles their limited release beers. I guess I'll be spending more time at the bar.

My condolences to those that can't find Summit in their liquor store or bar. If you come to Minnesota, let me know and I'll take you out for a tasting.


ken iosso said...

I just tasted the Scandia at the Brewery on Monday and it was Deeeelicious.

cursedthing said...

so very Jealous