Monday, April 10, 2006

It's About Sharing

Like many people, I can get pretty obsessive about music, with one artist dominating my interest during any period of time. This has been true throughout my life, whether it was the Doors in winter of 87, Public Enemy in spring of 92, Jayhawks in 99, Phish for a couple years in there, or Neko Case more recently.

But during all of my musical obsessions, I continue to wade through my CD collection (which isn't very large compared to some people I know...) and sample my wares. It's mine, I love it, and I enjoy the art of choosing three or four CD's and playing them on shuffle.

Which is what "Current Musical Endeavors," located on the right side bar, represents. While I haven't been updating it nearly as often as I would like, it contains brief reviews of albums that pass in and out of my CD player--some old, some new, some good, and some bad (tho not many--they are in my CD collection after all). You'll also find links to intersting websites, other blogs I read sometimes, polls, and my site counters (mainly because I'm curious).

So take a glance over there from time to time. What's in your CD player right now?


Jane said...

Neko Case. Thanks Eric!

saintpaulcave dweller said...

In my work player I have:
Neko Case (From Eric of course)
Son Volt - Wide Swing Tremolo
Ani Difranco - Live in Rome

lyn moes said... entertaining i see the comments about wilco on there today of all days...jim and i recently saw them for the first time a few weeks ago...he had never really heard of or listened to them (imagine that) but was BLOWN away by their performance and asked me to put a "best of" on his nano (couldn't fit all their albums on there with everything else) i just put it together this morning!

i've got frank black, supergrass, sterephonics and marjorie fair in my mix today :)

Eric said...

what songs did you put on?

lyn said...

"a ghost is born" was already on there - so i skipped those...what do you think? oh and i don't have A.M. in my library for some reason...need to get that loaded up...anyway...

A Shot In The Arm
Heavy Metal Drummer
When You Wake Up Feeling Old
Someday Soon
Jesus, Etc.
Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)
Pot Kettle Black
Forget The Flowers
I'm The Man Who Loves You
What's The World Got In Store
War On War
I'm Always In Love

Eric said...

nice....hard task, but you did well!

CT said...

Wilco:Yankee Hotel Foxtrot:always
Death Cab:all of it:always
Cat Power:miscellaneous songs:sometimes
Ben Folds:Rockin the Suburbs:sentimentally
Songs that start with "The":I don't know why...

good stuff... I've been meaning to listen to neko case... I'll get on that soon.