Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Never discount Ole

I totally forgot to toot my horn about the first ballot for DFL endorsement for Governor. You may remember I predicted Hatch 38% Lourey 31% Kelley 27% Savior 4%. And actual numbers?
Hatch 39%
Lourey 31%
Kelley 29%
Savior 0.5%

Obviously, Ole Savior threw me off. I really thought he might pick up some of the votes of people who wanted to sit out on the first ballot. Nope. One vote. Ahh too bad. But he's the only candidate with laminated business cards.

That being said, if you're living in a vacuum, Mike Hatch ended up with the endorsement and Becky Lourey is running in the primary. I'm disappointed with her decision, but not surprised. She's convinced she can win first the primary and then the general. Having worked on the '97 Pappas for Mayor Campaign against Norm Coleman, I understand the blinders you have to put on in that kind of situation. And not to mention she's not the DFL-endorsed candidate. But that being said, if I believed she could beat Pawlenty, I might just support her.

Alas, go Hatch!

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Colin said...

Come on, you know that Democrats don't believe in our Savior....