Thursday, June 22, 2006

Take off yer pants!

So word is, is that more people are watching the World Cup than watched the NBA playoffs or the, um, golf thingy competition. I would be one of those people. Having played soccer in high school --and lettering in it!--(ok, so Minneapolis North didn't have the best team), I do feel a bit of the connection to soccer. And those guys are HOT. (C'mon, they are.)

But the real story may have happened this past weekend, when thousands of Dutch fans were asked to remove their orange lederhosen before entering the stadium. It would make sense if the attractiveness--or lack thereof--of the pants was the reason they were denied entrance. But no, the accompanying logo of Dutch beer Bavaria on the pants was the problem. But not because it sucks--most Dutch beer sucks--but because, damnit, Budweiser is an official sponsor of the matches (no, not Budweiser Butvar from the Czech Republic, close to Germany, where the games are being held).

For real. Read the story here.


Anonymous said...

So when are you doing a blog on the CD Sale and my huge need for generous donors. BTW, Ellis is performing on Saturday, July 22 at the sale. Do you know her?

Eric said...

i don't respond to "anonymous" commenters....!

Jane said...

I tried to bring you back a Bud from the CR! Sorry, I don't know what happened to it. Also, isn't your "I'm not responding" response a response?