Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hope '06

When I walked into room 125 at the Capitol and the site of Ford Bell's U.S. Senate withdrawl announcement today, filled with soon-to-be-unemployed campaign staffers and I'm sure some loyal volunteers, there was indeed a sense of, oh, longing? Sadness? Even a little hope maybe?

Hope not so much for the things that Mr. Bell stood for--I mean, what good progressive doesn't think the troops should get out of Iraq or that the government should implement a single-payer health care system? Ok, we might differ on when the troops should leave the Middle East, or which populations exactly will be eligible for health care, but generally speaking we're on the same page.

No, hope because it increases Amy Klobuchar's chances of winning. And more importantly, hope that the U.S. Senate will fall into Democratic hands. And hope that the Democrats will step strongly into their leadership role and set a real policy goal for Iraq, begin a renewed discussion about health care, and maybe even hold impeachment hearings.

Agree or disagree with Klobuchar on the nuances of her positions compared to Bell, she is going to be a tough opponent and a solid U.S. Senator--exactly what Minnesota and our country needs. Hope.

Now, someone needs to have a discussion with Becky Lourey....


Average Jayne said...


Do you really think that Becky Lourey should leave the field for Mike Hatch?

Golly, I hope not.

Jane said...
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Eric said...

Here's the thing. I'm conflicted, because I like Becky more--who doesn't--she cares more and is a heckuva lot nicer. But a.) I'm not convinced she can beat Pawlenty. Maybe Hatch won't be able to, but he at least has a fighting chance. And b.) I frankly think Hatch would be a better governor. It's just a reality that some people make better legislators than governors. And having worked in the Senate for several years, I can attest to the fact that Becky is a much needed voice in the Senate.

Anonymous said...
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