Monday, July 17, 2006

Music for Life

A little PSA here for those looking to buy some new music and contribute to a great cause.

Once a year, Clare Housing, a Twin Cities non-profit organization for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Twin Cities holds a massive CD sale at Calhoun Square to raise money for their organization. This years' "Music For Life" fundraiser is this weekend, July 21-23, 10am to 9pm on Friday and Saturday, and 10am to 7pm on Sunday. The music is very reasonably priced, and while you sometimes have to wade though lots of crap (tribute albums to every band you've ever heard of, best of albums for bands you've never heard of), it's well worth it. Last year I spent about $30 and walked out with most of Pearl Jam's catalog, a bunch of Uncle Tupelo and the current releases from the Gorillaz and White Stripes.

If you can't go, but want to contribute something, you can donate those CDs (and DVDs, LPs, cassettes, VHS, video games, etc.) that you never use anymore. Contact Lee Haugee (my mom) at or 612.236.9527 for more information, for pick-up of larger donations or to volunteer.


I forgot to mention that there will be live music at the event on Saturday.

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