Monday, October 09, 2006

Hatch: Our Pitbull

Many of my friends have sworn off Mike Hatch, embracing Hutchinson as a more comfortable choice. And it makes me ask, is comfortable 4 more years of republican control? Mike's a pitbull, but he's a pitbull with a heart. And more importantly, he's our pitbull.

And really, who cares about what kind of guy he is? The fact is, Hutchinson can't win. He's been hovering at about 6% for three months now, and I just don't think the same people that voted for Jesse are going to vote for Hutchinson. So all the votes of my friends (and people like my friends) might push him to, say 8% or 9%--hell I'll even give him a shot at 17% for conversation's sake. But I just don't think he has it in him to pull off an upset.

He will however tip the election to Pawlenty. And is that what you want to be a part of? To my Minneapolis friends, you're already voting for Ellison; doesn't that solve your core liberal itch?

And it's hard for me, working in early childhood. Hutchinson is the only one who has laid out any resemblance of a plan, offering to put $100 million into early ed programs. Even Pawlenty and his staff have not been horrible to work with. And I gotta admit that Hatch just hasn't seemed like he's very interested in making it a center piece of his campaign.

And that's just fine with me.

So to those people considering voting for Hutchinson: get off your high horse, and think this through. Give it some good thought about what it really means. This is a close race, and while I don't like to ever ever accuse anyone of "throwing away" their vote, that's essentially what you'll be doing with a vote for Hutchinson. But even more so, this state needs a pitbull, a pitbull like Mike Hatch to get it on the right direction.


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