Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Summit Big Brew = loooong lines

I hate to be a hater, especially since Summit has been doing some amazing things in their industry recently, like introducing a bunch of new beers, including some cask style ales. But when asked what most people will remember from this past weekends' Summit Big Brew, I would hedge to guess that most people will say, "the long lines." For both beer and bathrooms. Half hour lines for a $5 pint of beer. Fifteen minutes to use the can. It seemed liked Summit didn't think people would be interested in drinking beer at their 20th anniversary party. Or more likely that they didn't think over 10,000 people would show up on a beautilful fall day to hear some great music.

(Not one to offer criticisms wthout some solutions, here are some suggestions: After you solve the quantity issue--more kegs, more servers, more porta-potties--how about a free beer token for everyone with a ticket? Or better yet, reduced prices, especially if you have to wait in line for 30 minutes. )

And the music. I missed the early side of it, namely Tapes N' Tapes and the Alarmists--next year think of offering re-entry--but the Suburbs and Soul Asylum rocked it. We should have left after Soul Asylum, but hindsight being blah blah blah, we had to see Cake. I've seen Soul Asylum like 20 times, so I was ready to get my world rocked by Cake. And when they were playing they did just that. But then the lead singer would feel the need to talk for about five minutes between each song about the mirror ball that didn't work or how musically-uneducated the audience was. Way to kill the groove, guys. More play, less talk.

Well live and learn. Next year--if there is one--will be the Best Beer/Music Fest Ever. The potential is huge, and Summit deserves to meet it. I'll even volunteer to serve beer (actually I did this year and no one got back to me....)


Anonymous said...

It seems to sum up the story of Summit pretty well. They always seem to have potential, but never capitalize on it.

Jane said...

Did you see their advertisement in the Onion this week? It's pretty funny.

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