Friday, July 13, 2007

Homebrew club

You may remember some time ago I had thrown out the idea of starting a homebrew "club," with "members" coming from the halls of government. Of course, what I really wanted to do was gather some fellow homebrewers--many who work in government--together to drink and be merry. Well, last night was the inaugural meeting of the Capitol Brewers. And we drank and were merry.

Let's see, we had an ESB, Mild Ale, Saison, Pale Ale, Chinook IPA, Dubble, a couple Hefeweizens, and Stouts, a hopless Lager, some mystery ales and some Vine Park left overs.
Thanks to Peter, Ben, Sara, Tony, John and Nate for their contributions. We finished almost every bottle before heading to Sweeney's for a birthday party. Thanks also to the non-brewers for (hopefully) enjoying the beers.

My personal fave (not counting my Saison) was Peter's Lazy Summer Pale, forgotten in the secondary for a few weeks too long which turned out to be just right. Yummy. The worst in show were the Vine Park brews, which should have been consumed months ago. Sorry Nate.
Before we go, I realized this post is my 100th. Exciting. Cheers.


st paul sage said...

i look great in this picture - maybe all pictures of me should be from this angle. thanks.

'twas a success!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could find some fresher Vine Park brews for you to sample as I hate having found this negative review when I googled my brewery. Call and ask for Dan.

Eric said...

Dan, I just saw your comment...yikes! To clarify, I've had many a fine brew from Vine Park--including some I've brewed myself. More criticism directed at the brewer for sitting on his beer than at your fine shop!