Sunday, July 15, 2007

Someone else for U.S. Senate

Are you underwhelmed by the current candidates for U.S. Senate? Hoping that Tim Walz or Mee Moua or someone other than Franken, Ciresi, Cohen or Franson would jump in on the DFL side? I guess it wouldn't be hard for me to support Franken, but if I had to decide right now, I don't think I could.

Any suggestions?


Jane said...

I'm for Franken. :)

saintpaulcave dweller said...

I am waiting for Mee!

st paul sage said...

I have directly encouraged Tim Walz. I think he'd beat Norm by 10-15 points easily.

Unfortunately, because of Al and Mike's big money, the price for admission is too steep for Tim - and I would worry if he didn't get the state endorsement and ran again for the 1st that it might hurt him.

Oh well. I could easily support Al or Mike, I'm just not sure the swing voters will.