Saturday, August 25, 2007


It would be easy to stay put, and just enjoy the scenery outside the kitchen door. A pleasant river meanders through the mountains not far from the house, plenty of trails offer themselves to us throughout the forest, and of course there is family to spend time with, playing cards, preparing meals and chatting together.

And not to mention that the boys tend to get car sick everytime we go out.

But yesterday we took our motion sickness medicine and ventured out into the surrounding countryside. (Needless to say it didn't kick in in time, and both Adrian and Dylan spilled their breakfast all over the car. Yummy.)

Our destination was the village where Jean-Louis, Flo's dad, was selling his honey, as well as the wares of other farmers in the area. We first stopped by and had a look at his bee hives, then had a wonderful lunch of coq-au-vin at a restaurant next to the market. Meals in France typically take a couple hours and this was no exception.

After taking in desert and cafe, we went in search of Jean-Louis' horse, who was spending her summer roaming the mountains above the village of Vialas. We didn't find the horse, but the views and smells were incredible.

We returned home around 6pm, and slothed about for a few hours, recovering from the days' journey. Today we're heading to the river for a picnic, and hopefully a swim if the weather holds. Never a dull moment in Cevennes.

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