Monday, August 27, 2007

Les dernier jours

Ah, the end of summer in the mountains.....

Temperatures have hovered around 85 degrees the past couple of days, so we've retreated to a nearby river for both of them, having a picnic and a swim. Its been perfectly lazy.

Meals are a magnificent part of every visit to France. Last night Michele--Flo's step mother, just to keep you in the loop--made gambas avec encornet, two fruits de la mer, shrimp with calamari. Wine was brought by a visiting husband of Michele's cousin's mom. Yup, that's right. Lots of family stop by for a meal, including many kids to meet each other and begin forming relationships.

Back to the wine. It was an ever transforming 2000 cabernet-syrah-carignon blend from Coteaux de Languedoc. Served from 750ml bottles filled from a 3 liter bottle, it was by far the best wine of the trip, taking on an almost orange hue, and tasting similar to a great pinot. Surprisingly, it went well with the seafood platter, which was cooked flambee au pastis.

Another lazy day today. Les enfants had a ride on Jean-Louis' tractor down to the river to pick apples and look at the sheep. Exciting for all.

Tomorrow we head to Avignon to spend our final days in France with Flo's mom and brother, before returning to Les Etats-Unis.

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