Monday, August 20, 2007

La prochaine etape

We wrapped up phase deux of the trip on the island, where the stay at Les Joyeux, a complex of petite maisons where many of Flo's relatives live, completed with a grande fete for my birthday. Nothing could have made me happier. I prepared a wonderful meatloaf to share, and contributed two bottles of homebrew, which were enjoyed by all, along side some great wine.

After dinner we sat around and drank some simple Spanish beer brought by--surprise, some friends visiting from Spain--and played the guitar and sang songs. I did neither, until Ricky shocked us when he busted out "Smile" by the Jayhawks. Apparently, they get quite a bit of airplay in Spain, and tour there regularly.

We're on the train now, outside of Marseille, on the way to Flo's father's house in the mountains of Cevennes. He has some sheep, a couple horses, rabbits and chickens, an impressive garden, and what he makes a living from, bee hives. Its hard to leave the paradise of Porquerolles, but the hospitality and amazing vistas near Genolhac are always looked forward to.

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Erin B said...

Eric and family, love the photos, and I hope you're having as truly a relaxing, wonderful time as it seems you're having!