Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Parfums and gouts

Ahh, the sweet smells of pine and herbs has replaced salt and sand. The rain and chilly weather of our first couple days in Cevennes has left, and now sun and warmth has arrived.

There are lots of wonderful cooks in the Dubaille famille, including Flo's half brother Sylvain, who's studying to be a chef, and practices on his family. I can't say I am complaining. Our first night here, he prepared an amazing meal of tartare salmon, and for lunch yesterday we had rabbit (raised and subsequently killed right here) simmered in a cream and mustard sauce. Um yeah. Incredible. I've told Sylvain he can stay at our house when he's done with his studies and I'll help him find a job in Minnesota. Ya got any leads?

Of course all of all meals have been accompanied by great wines, and some good beers. Sylvain and Simon, Flo's step brother, is a fan of Belgian beers as well, so unique brews fill our glasses regularly. Leffe and 3 Monts and Kwak. I'm getting thirsty already.

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st paul sage said...

soounds like the good life. we'll try to have some version across the channel in a couple days!

cheers, amour por tout!

(& i second cave-dweller's previous comment)

the iosso-mackay fam