Monday, March 31, 2008


I suppose every Minnesota blog is complaining about the 6 inches of snow we got today, after it was in the 40s and sunny yesterday.

Yup, it sucks.

Yesterday, I built a plastic cover for a hot box in my garden so that I can get those seeds in early. Helped Tony build his hop trellis (well watched really), and busted out the kids' bikes.

6 inches.

Thank god for Beer.

Our Maibock is phenominal. Better than the Point Einbock I have in my fridge, maybe even more enjoyable than Summit's version. I've also been working through the Dopplebocks. Schell's has a great one commemorating 150 years in existence , the first of eight Anniversary Series brews. And of course generally anything ending in -ator. Salvator, Consicrator, Primator, etcator......We of course brewed one. Got a name? Leave a comment. It will be ready in 5 - 7 months.

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