Saturday, February 07, 2009

Winterfest 09

Winterfest this year moved from the Landmark Center to the History Center. I volunteered for a couple hours in exchange for entry into the fest, which also meant giving up an hour of the event. It was good though, as I was up early that day and had to be up early the next day. I still tried 24 beers, and only a couple were disappointing.

Schell's Hopfenmalz
Schell's U Bier
Barley Johns Winter
Cold Spring Imperial Stout
Fitgers El Diablo
Fitgers Bourbon Imperial Stout
Fitgers 07 barley wine
Flat Earth 07 barley wine
Great Waters Betelgeuse
Lift Bridge barley wine
Lift Bridge Imperial Stout
McCanns Flame
Rock Bottom tripel framboise
Rock Bottom single hop IPAs with centennial, amarillo and simcoe
Rock Bottom Hop Bomb
Surly bourbon One
Surly Two
Surly Three
Surly Darkness
Town Hall barley wine
Town Hall Chipotle wee heavy

My faves were the bourbon One and Rock Bottom triple framboise. Rock Bottom totally blew away my expectations. While the two levels of narrow hallways made it hard to not feel crowded, the quality beer and people made it well worth it.


Mag said...

Eric, do you tend to take copious notes or are you just the beer-drinking version of the Rain Man? I was disappointed that Schell's ran out of their Hopfenmalz. That was gone in about an hour.

Eric said...

Must go to the four firkins, get beer at the four firkins, have to get beer at the four firkins, at the four firkins, at the four firkins have to buy beer.