Sunday, June 18, 2006

Referrals and percentages

Seeing that not much has been going on in politics--well that's not entirely true, but nothing that anyone but political junkies would care much about, people like those who read Power Liberal or Minnesota Democrats Exposed, where many of the visitors to Capitol Brew-haha come from, but more on that later--and I'm waiting to try a comparison beer before my next brew review, I thought I'd recognize some of the interesting tracking stats about Capitol Brew-haha (get all that?!).

Clicking on this little icon located on the sidebar to your right (which I couldn't find the what-would-seem-to-be-simple html code for linking the icon to the site, which reiterates the fact that html sucks), gives you a ton of data about Capitol Brew-haha. I thought that knowing how many hits I've had (1476 unique visits) was interesting, until I realized I now knew who was visiting my site and where they were coming from.

Remember that post I had about the Warriors of Oz? While about neither politics nor beer, people goggling "warriors" as part of "warriors of oz" has generated almost nine percent of total search engine results. This is incredible considering that Capitol Brew-haha has had a total of 106 words used to arrive at the site via a search engine ("brew," "haha," "happy," and "gnome" are the next four most popular).

And thank God for Minnesota Democrats Exposed, where I sometimes leave comments and who has been kind enough to link to Capitol Brew-haha (even though much of what they write about is sensational and hyperbolic); 46, or 11.6%, referring hits have come from them. Interesting, since I come from left field, and am linked to on several left-leaning sites. Although I do get a bunch of hits from people who have come to my site via my profile--usually meaning I have left a comment on a site that links to my profile on rather than the actual site. I may never know.

What does all this mean to you? Well nothing. Just some stuff to keep you busy while I'm busy drinking beer and thinking of something profound to write about.

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